Pakistan Corridor, Missing Photographer, & More

South & East Asian News Roundup 29/11/2018


While Asia has seemed to be a constant landscape of human rights violations across countries that are blatantly tyrannical, this week we will see a little bit of good news. Pakistan and India celebrate the beginnings of construction of a corridor for peaceful passage of religious devotees between the nations. A renowned photographer in China, however, disappeared apparently by being taken away by Chinese authorities. As a follow up to the continuing story of the missionary who is believed to be killed by the Sentinelese, the Indian government has put a pause on the search due to the dangers surrounding approaching the North Sentinel Island.

Renowned Chinese Photographer Gone “Missing”

In China earlier this month, Lu Guang, an award-winning went missing after he left on a trip to Northwestern China with plans to meet friends in neighboring provinces. His wife, Xu Xiao noticed he had gone missing after she lost contact with him. After his friends didn’t see him in the province of Sichuan, Lu’s wife immediately suspected he was taken away by authorities. Lu Guang has been awarded internationally for his photography as he’s shown the realities of Chinese civilian life with photos showing the marginalized coal miners, HIV patients, as well as drug addicts. Authorities have made no comment at this time of the news coming forward. We will definitely keep an eye out as more details come forward.

Pakistan And India Begin Construction of Corridor of Peace

This last week the Indian cabinet approved the building of what will be known as the Kartarpur Corridor to link a passage between two Sikh temples in Pakistan and in India. The passage will be five kilometers long with the temple at Kartarpur being among the holiest of sites in Sikhism. This corridor started laying the first stones only days after the 10 year anniversary of the Mumbai terror attacks, a 4-day attack that killed 164 people leading to the Indian government to suspect the terrorists to be from Pakistan. After the attacks, the tensions between these neighbors were only sustained yet again as they have been high since they departed from the UK colonial rule in 1947. This corridor is a huge step in the direction these two nations are taking towards lowering tensions and peace.

Indian Government Pauses Recovery Of Sentinelese Island Missionary

In a continuing story of the missionary that visited North Sentinel Island, the Indian government has put a pause on the search and recovery of John Allen Chau’s body. This story started with John wanting to visit the North Sentinelese, known as probably the most isolated people on the planet, more isolated than even North Korea. John, who paid some fisherman to get him near the island, which by Indian law was illegal to approach or for anyone to aid someone from approaching, got near the island and took a canoe to go the rest of the way on his own. John approached the island and went missing and then presumed dead which was confirmed by eyewitnesses when the search started to recover John. Local fisherman and authorities saw the tribespeople dragging around John’s body around the island. After a series of consultations and meetings with authorities and anthropologists, Indian authorities put a pause on the efforts of recovering John’s body.

We can take some comfort in seeing some good news coming from Asia in the India-Pakistan situation but we must also keep an eye out for China as always and an eye on the situation in India regarding John Chau’s body and a full investigation of what had happened on that island.

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