President Dead, GM Gone, & Election Finally Over

USA News Roundup 02/12/2018


America loses a former president, a major auto manufacturer moves out, and the 2018 elections finally wrap up.

While the last two weeks in the US were fairly busy, nothing that happened could overshadow the death of our 41st president, George H.W. Bush. Bush, who served as vice president to Ronald Reagan before succeeding him from 1989-1993, passed away on Friday, November 30th. His wife, Barbara Bush, had passed away only seven months ago, and Bush’s health has been in poor condition since. You can read Killian Hobbs’ article here, and expect more nuanced takes on Bush in the coming weeks.

On Monday, General Motors announced closures in the US and Canada, in part due to tariffs on steel skyrocketing the cost of domestic production. This is one of many changes for GM in the last year, and their future in the US has been in doubt for the last ten years. However, this is a failing moment for Donald Trump, who won election largely on his promises to blue-collar workers in states like Michigan. For a full analysis of GM’s move, and how much of it is the fault of tariffs, you can read Vinny Marshall’s article here.

Cindy Hyde-Smith won the Senate special election runoff in Mississippi against Democrat Mike Espy. That race was forced to a runoff largely because of the inclusion of Chris McDaniel, a perennial liberty candidate in the Mississippi GOP. Hyde-Smith’s victory is officially the last of the 2018 Senate elections, and the final tally is Republicans 53, Democrats 45, and Democrat-caucusing independents 2. Other races late to call were Florida’s, which went to Republican Governor Rick Scott, and Arizona’s, which went to Democrat Representative Kyrsten Sinema. Both defeated incumbents.

With all but three races called, the final tally in the House of Representatives election was Democrats 234, Republicans 198, and 3 yet to call. That’s a flip of 39 seats, the largest since Watergate. While no Blue Wave was felt in the Senate, there certainly was one in the House. Republicans have some serious issues to iron out before 2020 if they don’t want to be swept entirely out of control in Washington.

You can read more from Ian Scar on Think Liberty here.



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