Protest Leads To Roundhouse Kick?!?


On October 2nd in Toronto, Ontario the annual event “Life Chain” was held. This event is a pro-life protest event that happens across the city. As is the case with many politically charged events such as this, there were counter-protestors armed with their signs, chants, and moxie. Unlike your average protest these days in the USA, what no one was ready for was one of the counter-protestors to become violent.

The man, since identified as one Jordan Hunt, came to the protest and began defacing the signs of those on the pro-life side of the protest. While he was there, he began verbally abusing some of the protesters before the physical altercation took place. The pro-life protesters told each other to protect their signs from the man as he was defacing them with some markers that he had on his person. After that was thwarted he began sneaking up behind some of them, including a ten-year-old child and started to mark up their jackets and clothing as well.

Inbetween these shenanigans he seemingly approached one of the pro-choice protesters who was believed to be one of the organizers looking for approval of his actions and general behavior. Though the exact words exchanged were not recorded, it looked as if he failed to receive the approval he was looking for.

Shortly after this, one Marie-Claire Bissonnett engaged the man while filming for her records in what has now become a viral video with well over 550,000 views thus far. The exchange begins with her approaching Hunt while he’s in the middle of a somewhat heated looking discussion with a different pro-choice protester. He remarks on her recording him to which the pro-choice woman tells him he’s likely been recorded this entire time. Bissonnette tells him that what he has been doing is destruction of property, to which he began to challenge the pro-life position using an example of a teenager that had been raped. As their exchange continued he eventually seemed to prime himself up and strike her with a roundhouse kick. After hitting her he immediately begins to apologize claiming that he only intended to strike her phone, while she pleaded with the crowd to call the police.

Watch the exchange here

Only a day after this took place Jordan Hunt was quickly identified as a stylist at Noble Studio 101. Since being identified he has been terminated from his former position. Bissonnette is still looking to press assault charged against the man who has since earned scorn from those that were on both sides during the event. Regardless of stances on this debate, I think we can all agree that such a move to physical assault has no place in public discourse.

You can read more from Killian Hobbs on Think Liberty here.


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