Recount, Arizona Seat Switching, & Avenatti Jailed


Arizona flipped a Senate seat a week after the election, Florida (wo)man strikes again in the recount, and Creepy Porn Lawyer got arrested. Here’s the last week in the US, reviewed.

Arizona Senate 

The Arizona Senate race, which was initially led by Republican Martha McSally, was called late Monday evening for Democrat Kyrsten Simena. Simena’s victory officially puts the Senate count at 52 Republicans, 44 Democrats, 2 Independents (caucusing Democrat), and 2 yet to be decided. One is Mississippi, whose special election is going to a November 27th run-off, and the other is Florida, who is headed for a second recount. You can read more about Simena’s victory here.

Broward County Recount Woes

Florida’s first recount failed when Broward County missed the reporting deadline. This, among other things, forced a manual recount. Rick Scott leads Bill Nelson by 0.15%, with almost no change from the pre-recount totals. If Scott holds on, that would be the fourth Republican pick-up, but two losses (Nevada and Arizona) would mean the net pick-up is only two. Still, this last session showed that a single vote can make a huge difference. Mike Pence cast nine tie-breaking votes in his first two years in office, the most of any vice president since Thomas Marshall, Woodrow Wilson’s VP. Andrew Gillum just conceded the governor’s race to Republican Ron DeSantis, keeping the governor’s mansion red in Florida. This is despite the ongoing manual recount in that race, as well.

Avenatti Abuse

Michael Avenatti was arrested for domestic violence Tuesday in a somewhat ironic twist for a man that so badly wants to be Trump’s arch nemesis. Avenatti had claimed fame as a champion of women, or specifically one woman, porn actress Stormy Daniels. He also represented Julie Swetnick, an accuser of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. You can read more from our own Killian Hobbs here.

You can read more from Ian Scar on Think Liberty here.


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