Ridesharing Restricted, Canadian To Be Killed, & Shelter Shutdown

Canadian News Roundup 15/01/2019


Welcome back to the Canadian News Roundup where each week we look at major news from across the Great White North. This week: A homeless shelter has been shut down despite being on private property, Regina has begun to place restrictions on ridesharing programs within the city, and Trudeau comments on the use of the death penalty against a Canadian national.

China Implements Death Penalty On Canadian

In the northeast province of Liaoning in China, the Dalian Intermediate People’s Court retried Robert Schellenberg on charges of drug smuggling according to a report by the CBC. The result of the trial was to rule in favour of execution, a move that will further damage the already strained relations between Canada and China. The tensions began with the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, the CFO for Huawei, and since then China has also detained two other Canadians under the accusations of endangering national security.

Regina Moves To Restrict Rideshare Programs Within The City

In Regina, Saskatchewan, the city council has come out with a list of proposed rules and restrictions for ridesharing programs operating in the city. While the majority of the changes will reflect guidelines set out by the province there are also additional restrictions the city itself will be enforcing. Some such restrictions include all rides needing to be pre-booked so as to prevent on the spot pickups, and no cash transactions. The local taxi industry leads have expressed disappointment over the bylaw suggestions stating that they aren’t taking safety seriously enough. Frankly speaking, if taxis were doing the job well enough they wouldn’t need to worry about ridesharing programs at all.

Homeless Shelter Shut Down By City

According to CTV News, a man in Saint-Antoine, New Brunswick, received a letter from the Kent Regional Service Commission stating he required a permit to use his garage as any form of dwelling. The man, occupational therapist Serge Parent, had accepted three members of the local homeless community into his home and set up a makeshift shelter for them. While there, in addition to providing water and shelter, Parent had also been teaching them how to garden so they could grow their own food. The Mayor, Ricky Gautreau, had stated that the community had made complaints about people living in the garage claiming it was unsafe for them. How it was unsafe compared to being completely homeless is unknown.

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