Supreme Court removes 71 year old law blocking offensive trademarks


We’re not exactly quick to praise the government, but this article caught my eye, and I’m going to call it a win. The Supreme Court recently struck down a law that bans “offensive’ trademarks. While (as stated in the article posted by the Associated Press) this is a win for the Washington Redskins, I noticed it was also something celebrated by what the article calls an Asian-American rock band called ‘The Slants.’ I love that this band exists and is able to not take themselves as seriously as, apparently everyone else in America takes themselves. That name is hilarious, and I’m glad people are able to do that kind of thing without having to worry about litigating their way out of it.

This is a step in the right direction, and even though it’s a step taken by the Supreme Court, I support it. Situations like these needs to continue to happen, and laws like these need to be repealed. Yes, i’m sure there are some people that are offended that the Washington Redskins have the name they do. They have the right to share their opinion on that, just as the team has the right to call itself whatever it wants. If the viewing audience, or the consumers have a problem with it, i’m sure they will (as they have) let the team know, and the team can deal with the flack that it brings to itself.

Despite outside circumstances, as we watch and read the news and see situations where thoughts and speech are being threatened more every day, it’s refreshing to see a portion of the mechanism perpetuating the 1984 Orwellian nightmares get taken down a peg. Critics of the law will say that it was inconsistent, as deciding what is too offensive or not is a slippery slope that we cannot afford to take part in if we’re being honest and respecting the first amendment. I’m glad that this time around, the critics were right, and the law was removed.

Not every judge agreed on the rationale, but that matters little at this point. That pile of thought controlling garbage of a law had been around for 71 years, and we’re happy as hell to see it go.

Reason Magazine released a video and article on the topic as well:



You can read more from Vinny Marshall on Think Liberty here.


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