The No Tact Zone: An Onslaught of Toxic Trump Tweets.


Communication is important. The ability to communicate with other individuals to negotiate, compromise, express our feelings, preferences, and likes and dislikes, is the most powerful tool human beings poses to affect change.

Unfortunately, this critically important tool for problem-solving is not one that is used by one the world’s more powerful politicians: The President of the United States of America.


Puerto Rico:

As if the situation in Puerto Rico weren’t bad enough, Trump decided to use it as a good opportunity to take some subtle jabs.

Trump Tweet - Puerto Rico

The problem is, right or wrong doesn’t matter one bit here. Trump very well could be right about the debt, there may be more to it and he could be wrong (it’s not something I’ve researched in-depth.) However, taking jabs at what most of what world is widely recognizing as victims struggling to find room and board while playing the back nine in the comfort of a luxurious golf course probably isn’t the best political look.


Trump Tweets - Puerto Rico

North Korea:

First of all, let me be clear in saying that I don’t think it’s our business to be telling North Korea what they or should not be doing, however, given the current political structure that we are in and must realistically face – it may be in the best interest of a political leader of an entire nation to not send messages on social media that are taken as declarations of war.

Trump Tweet - North Korea


In an article published by AP News, Rex Tillerson states that the US does, in fact, have open channels of communication open with North Korea, and they are being used to try and negotiate a peaceful resolution to the issues between the countries. As I scan the news outlets on television, they’re acting as if this is a miracle, so thankful for the idea that instead of just flinging threats and insults, we may actually attempt to speak to other individuals.



The NFL:

The President has an opinion on how players should be celebrating their patriotism. I’d be hard-pressed to assume most people aren’t aware of this topic by now, but it’s turned into a media nightmare. Due to the fighting with him over the issue. Trump went out of his way to state that as a result, the ratings for the NFL were “WAY down” as he directed the NFL owners to force players to fall in line – his claim was wrong, and coaches responded by giving their players, even more, freedom to protest.


The nation may be divided, but it seems everyone is unified on the idea of “Please Trump, just put down the twitter account.” South Park made an entire episode about it.

I’m not the biggest fan of the New York Times, but they have put together this interesting alphabetically ordered list of all the 372 people, places, and things Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter.


Everyone has their own preferences in how they like to be perceived, or what values they choose to deem important, but I believe it’s likely widely agreed that the POTUS should be in the business of keeping a cool head. Initiating flame wars on the internet, while you spout off nonsense that is either wrong, or a threat, gains any individual very little respect, and as we’ve seen often leads to exactly the opposite kinds of results most expect.

Any situation that is difficult is likely able to be made easier with effective communication, rejecting it completely and deciding to insult, shame, lie, and threaten, is to accept that you are far more happy doing things the hard way.

This should be a prime example to anyone even paying the slightest bit of attention that threatening and intimidating your way toward trying to get what you want will often lead to the exact opposite of what you’re intending to accomplish.

You can read more from Vinny Marshall on Think Liberty here.



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