Why I’m going to be spending a lot of time on Breitbart.com

Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus

Bannon is out, and while I have mixed feelings on the matter, one thing is for certain: I’m going to be keeping a close eye on everything Breitbart News may publish for the foreseeable future. It’s not because I’m a giant supporter of Bannon or a big fan of Breitbart for that matter, but someone who was in on the ground floor of White House operations just went back to his job with a giant media organization, and he’s got a bit of an ax to grind. If you think there’s nothing to be learned from what he will say about his time, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re wrong.

Bannon is an interesting character, I find there are things I agree with him on and things I do not. While I’m abundantly aware that my opinion on matters such as White House staff is largely insignificant, I’ll briefly break down my own views on Steve Bannon.


Steve Bannon


What I like about Steve Bannon:

He’s against globalism, and that’s a good thing. This position led him to often be in clear disagreement to the status quo as far as foreign intervention goes, and I worry about the trajectory of the said subject now that he’s been removed from his position. Bannon has talked often about minimizing the state overreach, and I obviously am a fan of that. His outlook on China isn’t the worst either, as he suggests there has been a trade agreement that does not favor America – and has suggested to audit the nuance of the trade agreements to find out exactly how unbalanced the trade agreement truly is.


What I don’t like about Steve Bannon:

Bannon seems to be out in the open about being a Nationalist. While I understand that doesn’t always equate to “White Nationalism,” I’m just not a big fan of Nationalism in general. So, while I feel his desire to audit the economic situation in China as it pertains to trade to be a good thing , I worry about what would come of it. With the desire, Trump and Bannon had to use American, buy American and hire American, while I don’t have any issue with American people prospering, I do take issue with that being done by way of the government’s intervention into the market. I become concerned with the idea of limiting outsourcing off-shore labor, as this is done to reduce costs for most companies, and the displacing of those changing costs could have negative market effects. The same cause and effect situations worry me whenever there is a mention of tariffs. While it is most certainly a topic for another post in and of itself, I feel as if tariffs are responsible for some of the most painful and disastrous times in our history as a modern civilization. There are other things I disagree with Bannon on that I won’t list here for the sake of brevity, but the multi-billion-dollar border wall isn’t a big favorite of mine either.

Whatever you may think of Bannon or Breitbart, I urge you to keep a close eye on the publication regardless. The level of attrition and turnover is unprecedented in what we’ve come to witness for the White House, and Bannon likely has more knowledge about what goes on behind those walls than any of the other individuals now without their White House position.


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