Zulu & Boers vs. The State Of South Africa


For those not informed on the recent events taking place in South Africa, the politics of the nation have turned on the white farmers with state-mandated actions to seize and expropriate their lands without any compensation. Eminent domain gone wild, as we would call it. A state-sanctioned racist policy has been put in action and the Zulu of all people have responded.

Mainstream media never really covered the issue in any serious sense, and when they have, it was with dismissive attitudes calling it a “conspiracy.” Lauren Southern, a Canadian activist many may have heard of, made her debut documentary “Farmlands” where she delves into the perspective of the white farmers of South Africa suffering from both state-sanctioned and unofficial raids In some cases, massacres of the farmers’ families. As her documentary gained notice, some media took notice.

President Donald J. Trump tweeted in August that he would have his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, look into the matter of the South African expropriation matter. In typical fashion, the media stormed onto the scene of commenting on the issue at hand in South Africa. Some began further fueling the idea of it being a “conspiracy theory” while Fox News had already got on board of reporting on the reality of the situation faced by the farmers.

Recently, the situation has developed even further with a statement given by the king of the Zulu tribe in South Africa. Zulu King Zwelithini said on eNews Channel Africa, “The Zulu nation I’m talking about will not exist if we don’t have food. That’s why I say farmers must come closer so that we discuss what we can do when we talk about agriculture and the availability of enough food in the land. That’s why I’m asking AfriForum of the Boers to come and help us.This was the first step in the Zulu tribe fighting on the side of the farmers, preserving their food supply by resisting the land seizures.

The expropriation initiative is being backed by the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa. With his move to try to correct for the racial injustice that took place during Apartheid, this expropriation has taken effect. King Zwelithini made comments about the president saying, “He (Ramaphosa) must come here… and say it, write it down in an agreement and sign off that the land of the Zulus will not be touched.

You can read more from Amos Joseph on Think Liberty here.


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