For years talking heads, political scientists, and that weird neighbor that collects a lot of military surpluses have been loudly talking about a coming civil conflict in the US. Most people scoffed at it, claiming that they were just conspiracy theorists or fear-mongers, that America as we know it could never change. That civil wars aren’t things that happen in this country. Sure, there are the occasional protests or riots, but those burn out pretty quickly.

Then the runup to the 2016 election happened, and everything changed. Fights in the streets broke out between Left and Right, and many of us watched stunned as these events unfolded on our smartphones and televisions. The Battle of Berkeley (One and Two), multiple disturbances in Seattle and Portland, several other cities in California, and even Arizona. Then it spread to the East Coast in New York City. And all the while, a more insidious, virulent strain of ideology was creeping through our universities and mass media. What used to be called “political correctness” soon started to be unmasked for what it actually was; Critical Theory and Cultural Marxism. But the main event was still to come.

Now we see ourselves in the midst of over six weeks of non-stop riots, what many in the mass media call “peaceful protests” as fires rage in the background of their live coverage. It has stretched from the West Coast and Minneapolis, to New York, Atlanta, and many other cities across the country. Originally sparked by the unjustified killing of George Floyd, it has transformed into a raging inferno under the guise of justice, police reform, and black lives, it quickly became something far different. After all, armed rioters roving the streets, assaulting people, and demanding ethnostates doesn’t exactly say “justice.” The killing of dozens of people including those of color in the opening weeks doesn’t exactly scream “black lives matter.” Tearing down and defacing statues of those that fought and died to end slavery like Hans Christian Heg, or one of the greatest abolitionists of all time, a black man himself by the name of Frederick Douglas, tells the rest of the country that this is no longer about black lives. This is about ending the country as we know it. The civil war is already here.

So what is to be done about this? What can be done? One thing is certain, at least at this time: Conservatives and Libertarians are losing this civil war. As long as Conservatives choose to stand idly by and bravely shout (from the safety of their rural home) “the mob won’t mess with us! We know how to defend ourselves!” and as long as Libertarians passively justify violence and destruction and attempt to pacify the mob by claiming that they are expressing themselves in the only way they know-how, or say “at least they’re fighting the state,” this will continue to escalate. And to those Conservatives and Libertarians that continue to beat their chest from the safety of their own front porch or seek to pander to those that are destroying cities and livelihoods, know this: it is only a matter of time before they come for you too. This incipient ideology that is propelling these violent rioters forward will not stop until it has infected the entire country, and radically transformed it as a result. Mobilize now, act now, before it is too late. 


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