Canadians Hunt For Liberty On The Rise


Canada has always been a country that has socialist tendencies but recently citizens have started to challenge the powers at be and are shouting for more freedom and liberties in during a time that they are quickly disappearing under forever growing regulations and radical left ideology. Since WW1 when the conservative (yes conservative) party introduced taxes to pay for the war, Canada has slowly been going down the dangerous socialist path. The Problem with Canadian politics is that we have never truly had a party that actually supported a smaller size government, until now.

Canadians are seeing the effects of country first policies and the benefit they are having south of the border. USA 3rd quarter GDP is 3.5% and wages are rose by 0.5%, while in Canada the GDP slowed down to 2% and investments in residential and non-residential are declining and a surge of businesses going bankrupt. Now not all of Trump’s policies are good, no one likes tariffs and they are just a tax on the people as with any tax it gets passed on to the consumer, but overall Canadians see our friends south of the border thriving while up here things are getting colder as the winter hits.  

Three years ago Canada voted out a Conservative government that grew the government size to the largest it has ever been and voted in a government that just made it bigger the wind has started to change direction. I would like to say that this is a homegrown phenomenon but it is not. This change towards freedom started in the United States during the 2016 Presidential Election. No matter what your opinion on Donald Trump is, there is no doubt he has changed the political landscape around the world and Canada is no different. Canadians started to wake up to the fact that the news on TV was just government propaganda and slowly started to do there own research. People started seeing proof that less government involvement will result in more job gains and better wages. As Trump won the election and lowered regulations and taxes, Canadians saw immediate benefits to the economy down south while the opposite was happening at home up north. Canada has also shown that along with wasting money in Canada our government loved to give our tax money to other countries. The Paris Accord, bad NAFTA negotiations and a new PC culture that has split this country in two, Canadians have now drawn the line and not just with the Liberal Party but with the Conservative Party as well.

With Elections less than a year away, we see the Liberal Prime Minister double down on his leftist global agenda like the Paris Accord and the Global Migrant Pact. We have an opposition party that is conservative in name only, which are now self-proclaimed to be a centrist party that also agrees with the Paris accord and released an immigration plan that contradicts what they say in the house. In the house, they claim to be against the migration plan the UN has put forth, but in their policy release speech they said they want to help economical migrants find jobs. Canadians are paying attention and starting pay attention and with the 3rd largest party starting to fall apart and has a leader that will probably lose in the upcoming by-election according to polls, people are starting to flock to the newly formed Peoples Party of Canada headed by former conservative minister Maxime Bernier.  

Bernier is a straight shooter and for a lot of us is what we have been waiting to see in a leader. He doesn’t pander to different tribal groups like other parties do as he sees us all as Canadians and not by our ancestor’s heritage. He believes in lower taxes and understands to balance that you have to lower the size and scope of government. He believes in the market and actual free trade. He wants to end corporate welfare and foreign aid which both have been proven to not help anything in the long run.

He is currently on a cross-country tour promoting his message and his new party and large crowds of people are showing up and cheering his message. His message is bringing hope back to Canadians that for far too long have seen this country go further and further to the left. Bernier is becoming a force and will start becoming a target the media who will feel threatened by him as he wants to defund Canada’s largest media firm which happens to be funded by the taxpayers and just got a new 600 million dollar bailout from the Liberals in a clear attempt to buy media support, which he has now got through the unions. Unfortunately, it is too late for Trudeau as he has done too much damage to this country and the people of this country have had enough. If the Ontario provincial elections that were just held were any indication on how Canadians felt then the Liberals will be lucky to hold on to their party status let alone win. Doug Ford the new Premier of Ontario won on populism and that is exactly the wave Mad Max is riding on.


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