Common Sense Regulations

common sense

I realized a few things after reading the manifesto of the Texas shooting suspect, which was being shared all over social media just hours after the incident. This is not the world we lived in when the forefathers penned the constitution.

In the 1700s, it was more difficult to obtain pens and ink, and the writing tools available were overall less efficient. This is sadly not the case today, and we need to put reasonable restrictions on communication tools that have evolved over time.

The paper was rough and made from animal hide. A feathered quill, which needed to be dipped in ink before writing, was the common writing tool of that era. I would guess with that method one could average about five to six words-per-minute.

Up until that time, many harmful writings were written, including: The Prince, Leviathan, and Monadology. However, the technology only allowed for so many harmful works to be published. The first automatic pen was invented in 1868, which was named the typewriter. This new invention would allow writers to accelerate their writing process by a sizable margin, and by default, making the world a much more dangerous place.

Fast forward to 2019; we now have digital pens in our pocket, and have the capacity to post any writing within a moments notice for the world to see (much like this article). The fastest recorded typing to date was 216 wpm, an astounding 36 times faster than the estimated pens of our nation’s founders.

In conclusion, due to the rise of hate-fueled writing, and the current status of technology, a few common-sense typing regulations are necessary to maintain a free society. I’m sure I’ll get plenty of objections from devout constitutionalists, who will look at this as a form of tyranny; however, I think many with common sense will admit that this problem requires a call to action.


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