Gun Control in the Wake of Kentucky

gun control

Just another day at school. The smell of clean tile filled the air. Everything is as it should be, except there’s a strange feeling in the air. Gun shots ring out, and when the smoke finally clears, two are dead with 19 more injured. Another school shooting. This time in the heart of America: Benton, Kentucky. In the days to follow we will see politicians take advantage of this opportunity to try to push forward their own political agenda. This is a warning.

Tensions are high as emotions flow, making this the time that people all too often make irrational decisions. Our minds are left rattled. Dr. Joseph A. Davis recommends a few steps when dealing with immediate trauma. Some of these techniques include obtaining facts about the event, trying to maintain your normal schedule, and not making important decisions when overwhelmed.

In the coming days, many will attempt to push gun control legislation. By standing on the graves of the children, they will try to force everyone’s hand. CNN did so after the shootings at the Florida nightclub and Virginia Tech. However, it’s not only the media who push this agenda. Bill Clinton pushed for gun control after the Columbine shooting, and Nancy Pelosi jumped on requesting the “immediate creation” of another government agency aimed at gun control after the Vegas shooting. The Left is not afraid to hide this. Hillary Clinton has a section on her website that lays out her gun control policy, as does Bernie Sanders, and Chuck Schumer.

Most on the Left would like background checks, but in the case of all these mass shootings, background checks would’ve been futile. Another talking point is closing the “gun show loophole,” while no guns were proven to be obtained that way, as none of the shooters had a background where they would’ve needed that. Besides these failed ideas, 80 percent of gun crimes are committed with stolen guns. Still, we don’t hear these politicians constantly taking about gun control due to the insane shootings and violence that has become so common in Chicago.

We don’t have a gun problem, we have a people problem. If we ban guns, people will still continue to use other means to commit murder. In New York, we had a man kill eight people with a truck. In 2009, a man ran a bus through a Dutch parade. In 2017, a man in a van killed several people in Bacelona, and let’s also not forget the 2015 Parisattacks.

I haven’t even gotten into the fact that domestic terrorists make bombs at home like in the Boston Marathon and Oklahoma Citybombings. I also haven’t even addressed that the Twin Towers were bombed in 1993, and then of course hijacked planes were used in all of the 9/11 attacks.

After all, most of the attacks happened in gun free zones like schools, concerts, planes, parades, marathons, etc.

However, many think that banning guns will lessen the violence, but that just isn’t in the case. America does not differ much in violent attacks from the rest of the developed world. Our right to bear arms has even diverted many attacks in the past from becoming much worse.

Despite the continuing decline of our constitutionality, I still believe in the Second Amendment. These attacks are horrific, and I don’t see a clear solution to this problem. I do, however, feel for every family as I had a close friend who was shot when he was 17. The shooter in that case was also underage. Once again, background checks and closing loopholes are frivolous in most situations.

It’s important that as a country we come together to help the families of Kentucky. We live in an information age where we can create a GoFundMe for the families, and we can also help by offering our services and prayers. We need to be there for the people affected by this disaster, not get on our pedestal to push our political agenda.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Ghandi

*This article was originally published on The Classy Libertarian on January 25th, 2018

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