A Letter to Hollywood from a Georgian


First off, congratulations on all your success Hollywood. Monetary, finally letting out some of the old skeletons, inclusion, all of it deserves a sincere congratulations. Secondly, I should state I’ve written this late at night/early in the morning, I don’t expect all of my sentences and grammar to be even 90% correct. (I just spent the last 5 hours writing two different papers, my eyes detest my screen) so for that forgive the Southern stereotype.

To the actual point, I am a Georgian. I wasn’t born here but I was raised here my entire life, I didn’t grow up in rural Georgia and I didn’t grow up in Atlanta proper, I grew up on the edge of both in suburbia. I was raised with classical liberal social values and with the economic mindset of conservatism, I don’t come from money, I have never lived in a house, I owe all that I am and all that I have to my family and friends. I grew up and I still maintain a view of pro-choice, my body my choice, your body your choice, I would even go so far as to advocate for the legalization of prostitution and essentially all forms of drugs. (I would say, I would like the heavy ones if legalized to be done in the presence of doctors and nurses in safety. DMT and MDMA trips can be guided safely and can be used for therapy) but I digress. 

The fact of the matter is this, from my understanding Hollywood production companies had decided to move to Georgia because of our tax laws and our right to work laws, etc. etc. making filming here better for essentially everyone involved. In this time, you have seen an influx in actors and talent of all forms from not only Atlanta and the metro Atlanta area but also of other performers from around the region. For that, I and many others are incredibly grateful for the opportunities given and I am incredibly happy about all the times I have seen that Georgia peach show up at the end of the credits of a movie or show. As a Libertarian I applaud businesses standing up for what they believe in, I would wish nothing but the best for any and all who do so, I believe in the free market and I believe in standing up for one’s beliefs at times I even standing up for the mixture of both. (although personally, I would not recommend doing so at all times, see Christian baker as a “there goes my business” moment). I believe in abortion, for essentially any reason and for that some may say I am not libertarian and some may say I am. I don’t exactly care, I am me. No one should hold themselves to any ideology 100% and be unwilling to challenge those beliefs. Had sex, popped a kid and have it brewing and don’t want it? Do what you want, not my business. Raped? Incest? Mother’s life is in danger? Do what you need to do, abort it. Need an abortion in an anti-abortion state with a BS bill? Abort it, you have tons of support down here. 

There are two facts that need to be stated for those of you in Hollywood. 1. These abortion laws are asinine and there are millions of people down south who disagree with these laws. 2. These laws are most definitely unconstitutional, my body my choice is essentially a slogan not just for abortion rights and women’s rights but for every individuals right that no man or woman of any color, creed or ideology can take away anyone’s individual rights and any attempt to do should very well be cause for impeachment of office no matter high or low. 

I would like to end this spiel with this; Hollywood production companies and actors can do whatever they want. Leave Georgia, boycott Georgia, do what you need to or want to but I would like to point out these two things. 1. Georgia is not one group of people, we don’t have a hivemind mentality. Never really have, we have people from all over the world of all faiths and colors. We have aspiring actors, musicians, comedians, writers, photographers, artists, models and the list goes on. We aren’t solely republican, democrat, libertarian, green, independent, or any of that. You can’t blanket statement our state ideologically, we are a state full of individuals. We may not always agree with each other, in fact, we mostly don’t and yet I’d argue we are probably the most successfully socially progressive state in the entire southeast. 2. Films and shows have been produced in anti-abortion and anti LGBTQ+ countries and I have heard very little argumentation from these same production companies and actors who have filmed in those places. One could argue “That isn’t my country, it isn’t as close to home.” Or “I didn’t know that while we were there.” And those could be valid arguments, but the people you met there and befriended, were they monsters for their beliefs or were they people you can genuinely think of positively for being the individuals that they are, flaws and all?

I hope this hopefully coherent letter does some good, and that those in Hollywood comes across this and listen. Afterall there are plenty of people here in Georgia and from around the area who have been given incredible opportunities due to the presence of these production companies and in my personal opinion depriving others of those opportunities because of the politics of morons is just as selfish as those morons idiotic bills. No matter what happens in the future I can only hope for the best for everyone in the country and for the victory of the individual and civil rights for all. 

From a Georgian,

Jarod A. Goodwin


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