Liberty in Media: A Great Tool Of Change


In this age of technology, where the individual can barely keep up with the growth and advancement of innovation, the Liberty movement is beginning to thrive in ways that its founders never thought possible. As F.A. Hayek so astutely pointed out, the development of technology is amoral. Whichever group, organization, or individual has control of it, that group, organization, or individual will become more and more powerful as technology advances. The question from there is, how will that technology be used, and to what level of effectiveness? Especially with the rise of the internet, these capabilities have exponentially grown for all, but for the Liberty movement in particular.


Just for a moment, take account of all of the different mediums that we use to communicate in the modern age. Not just phone calls or e-mail, but through text, social media, podcasting, videos, music, and ads. With the rise of the internet, many of these things that were beforehand out of reach of the individual, are now only a couple of mouse clicks or finger taps away. This has empowered the individual more than we have ever seen before. Even in far more authoritarian countries than ours, where much of the internet is heavily censored, people can still share information and ideas with others around the globe, with little effort. This has become a boon for many different organizations, across the political and cultural spectrum. But Liberty begets Liberty. As a result of this, countries that embraced Liberty before this huge technological change are spreading it further around the world than ever before. They are the true shining cities on a hill, spreading the light of Liberty to the rest of humanity.


But as with anything else, this change will only continue as long as there are willing participants. Make no mistake, there are enemies of Liberty just as there are allies of it. Armed with these same tools, these organizations and individuals can reverse this tide that we have seen rising in the last couple of decades. This is where Liberty lovers like you come in. Where before it was left to news anchors, academics, and politicians to discuss, commentate, and lead their respective political movements, that power has been made available to you and me. I’m a normal guy, someone that grew up in a home that discussed politics, and in early adulthood spent long nights talking politics and culture over beer and Scotch. A close friend and I decided to create a podcast where we talked politics. A couple of weeks and $80 later, we were sending our own content across cyberspace, available to millions of people around the world. Several months later, we were up and running with Think Liberty, and the sky is our only limit from here. If someone like me can go from the bottom to here in a matter of months, what is stopping you?


This is my challenge to all of my readers here: take the initiative. Get a seat at the table in one way or another. Start a podcast, write articles, create videos and upload them to YouTube, or simply educate yourself further in the political realm. But do something. Now, more than ever, is it the perfect time to be involved, for you as an individual to make a marked difference in the movement towards Liberty. So what are you waiting for?

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