The Death Of McCain: The Argument Against Celebrating


Just like with Trump, I find myself defending someone that I find completely reprehensible. John McCain is a war crazy hawk that should have never been given the opportunity to have ANY kind of say in American Politics. However, in the wake of his death, I find myself disgusted with the overall Libertarian response.

One side we have Libertarians praising McCain as if he were Ron Paul. On the other side, we have people who are laughing and making cancer jokes about McCain. All I am asking for is consistency. We as Libertarians are not just anti-war, but we are perpetrators of the Non-Aggression Principle. We are supposed to be a party of principle. We are supposed to be morally superior. We are supposed to be consistent.

John McCain was a good soldier. Period. He served well. He was a POW for years and didn’t give up information. He refused to go home when given the chance because of the propaganda that would have been behind his return home. Still, he was slandered for comments taken out of context when he returned home. McCain was the kind of person that I would want to have in combat if we ever had a “justified” war.

Now, McCain as a politician is something else. McCain was horrid at foreign policy. McCain advocated for war with anyone and everyone. He didn’t care what party you belonged to if you wanted to fight a war, then he was on your side. He was beyond eager to send other people’s kids to die for the most superficial of causes, and that is shameful.

McCain was a man that I could have seen being an asset to the anti-war movement. Someone who had clout in the political sphere. Someone who could have talked about the horrors of war first hand, and convinced those in office to not be so hasty. He didn’t though, and I wonder why.

For so long I thought maybe the PTSD had just fried him. Maybe he had this tumor long enough that it affected his judgment. Either way, as a politician, he was one of the worst.

This also isn’t even diving into his other scandals, like Keating 5, and the company he kept while a politician, like John Bolton.

Am I happy he isn’t in office? Yes. Am I happy that we have one less person advocating for war? Yes. Am I happy that a man is dead because I don’t agree with him politically? No. I am not John McCain. I am not rejoicing at death. I don’t celebrate Hitler’s death, nor Stalin, nor Mao. I believe in the non-aggression principle. I believe in being morally above the surge. I believe that we shouldn’t dance on the graves of others. What I would be more concerned with in filling that seat with someone who is more in line with the principles of liberty.

Don’t celebrate. You look like a fool. Don’t pander. You look like a fool as well. Acknowledge that we have made a step in the right direction, unfortunately at the expense of a life and not a simple retirement. Let’s move on to trying to make this a better place then it was when John McCain was in office.

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