The Death of McCain: The Argument For Celebrating


Politics aside, there is no question that he will be remembered. He started his career serving his country, and he ended it that way too. Some may remember him as a war hero, and hopefully more as a war criminal, but truly all will remember him as a man dedicated to trying to make his country and the world better, whether we agree with his politics or not. He certainly was a divisive man, earning as fervent of supporters as he did bitter foes. But, at the end of the day, he left behind a family who loved him and a life of accomplishments in the public sphere. Rest in peace, Adolf Hitler.

See how ridiculous that sounds? Obviously, neither John McCain, nor nearly anyone else, is as terrible as Adolf Hitler, but they share all of the above, so stop using them to pity this warmonger. If you’re going to mourn John McCain, fine, I can’t stop you. But you better do it on some merit greater than the fact that you knew who he was. To me, he’s brought nothing, and to millions, he’s brought misery, so I’m not going to mourn his death. In fact, I will celebrate his death, especially if it means appointing a Senator willing to stand up against this war racket.

One last thing: stop worshipping career politicians like monarchs, and stop mourning their deaths more than those of the poor, innocent people they ordered bombed as collateral damage in the wars they profit off. Fuck John McCain, and fuck every neocon, warmonger scum like him. Fuck the media who have covered him more in the last three days than the entirety of the war in Yemen. Fuck every profiteer and politician who encourages this bullshit. Needless to say, the tree of Liberty isn’t watered by tears spilled over the deaths of tyrants.

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