Safety First: The State Of Canadian Liberty


To understand Canadian politics is to understand how to lose your freedoms. Let’s go back almost 40 years and see the downfall and how they use us against ourselves. If you were born in the 1980’s like me, you remember politicians like Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, Stephen Harper, and our current wonder boy (person) Justin Trudeau. Now if you are like me you probably remember a lot of freedoms as a kid that you would never grant your kids today for fear of safety.

Riding your bike without a helmet, going to the park with your friends at ages 5-10 to play baseball and never with a parent. Neighborhoods were more tight-knit communities with block parents (remember those red and white signs in windows) and neighborhood babysitters (which was usually a stay at home mom). Our government trusted people to help and look out for each other and stayed out of the way. Along the way that changed, Canadian governments started using fear tactics to split neighborhoods apart and take control using legislation to stop the thing creating the fear that they created in the first place.

So governments figured out a long time ago that to take control of the people and avoid an uprising they had to get the people to willfully give up their freedoms. No better way to do that than to scare people so much that they tell government to fix the problem the government created. It was very easy for the Canadian government to do this and they are still trying to use the same tactics today through the media.

With television, cable, and internet becoming more accessible to people, the easier it was for media to spread propaganda which resulted in legislation that changed the way people and communities interacted with each other. You probably remember shows like 20/20 and 60 minutes. How many of you had parents that watched those shows or the news and slowly as a kid you started losing freedoms you once had? No longer were you allowed to go places without a parent or you had to be home earlier because mom saw that more child abductions were happening according to 60 minutes who ran an episode about 2 kids that were taken in some small town you have never heard of that is a 3-hour flight away.

Suddenly a babysitter was caught on camera abusing a kid so the Day Nursery Act was passed in 1990 and no one was allowed to run home babysitting businesses anymore. These 2 simple things changed many of our social interactions. Kids started spending more time in the house, moms had to find jobs because babysitting to subsidize the household income was no longer an option. This created kids going to expensive government regulated daycares and parents spending more time at work and less time with their families creating more domestic stress and broken homes.

Growing up in Canada, we are told we live in the greatest country in the world and that we are free to do what we please because this is what the western world was built on. These statements are also propaganda lies by both the American and Canadian governments. Since the introduction of income and sales tax by a Canadian conservative government, their whole purpose has become the same as any other business; and that is to grow and gain more revenue.

The only way for the government to gain more revenue is to tax the people more and to that, they needed an excuse to grow. If the wars showed anything to the Canadian government it was that to grow their revenue they needed a cause. No better cause than safety. Every regulation made has been in the name of protecting the people and not the individual against some sort of harm. With every regulation, more money was needed to enforce them so we needed tax hikes to pay for them and once one situation is handled poorly it is on to a new cause to suck more money out of everyone.

Whether it be a pointless war or climate change, they’re all problems that the government has created to get more money out of the people in the name of safety. It was very easy for the Canadian government to make the strong and the free into the weak and the sheep. The main news outlet, the CBC, is publically funded making it very easy for the government to feed us anything they wanted us to hear. Pre-internet days it was very easy to get away with anything as the people had no other way of knowing, which is why you are now seeing a war on trying to regulate the internet because too many people are getting out of line. They are using the fake news narrative as their safety tactic to protect the people from “lies” thus being able to control the narrative while sucking more money to pay for the new regulations.

Today, Canadian politics has always been a 2 party system with the farce of outside competition. The Conservative Party, now run by leader Andrew Scheer, and the Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, both care less about governing and more about pandering to special interests groups and throwing little shiny things at the people to keep in power than they do about governing. We have been voting the lesser evil in for decades and now both parties are basically in the same lane playing good cop bad cop with each other all the while taking liberties and freedoms away in the name of safety.

We have a glimmer of hope in the newly founded PPC Party with leader Maxime Bernier and the conservatives are already using the fear tactic of vote splitting and having the worst Prime Minister in history in for another 4 years. The politicians know that it is the mob that rules and if you can control the mob with fear then you control the power over the individual. The government made sheep will vote with the mob over policies that are better for him or her: the individual.

Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said: “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”.

This Article was submitted by Greg Coughlan from Canadian Liberty News


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