The Right No Longer Laughing Part 2: The War Going On for Your Mind

James Gunn

In the weeks since I last spoke on this manner, we’ve seen a lot of development in how the duality of America’s socialite class is handling offensive humor. We’ve also seen a display of those associated with American Right’s pundit circles become less willing to let offensive humor slide from those on the Left. Rather than taking the hits, members of the Right have become willing participants in the outrage mob that has been an increasingly recognizable face in the current times, although not for the reasons you may think.

Now in my previous article on the reaction to the James Gunn firing, the following has taken a rather interesting path. The cast of the movie he was to direct “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3” have stood by James Gunn with vocal support of him. One cast member former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista going as far as threatening to quit the movie if James Gun was not re-hired. His reasoning was that, in his eyes, Disney had appeased “cybernazis”.

And that right there is what I want to unpack here.

I personally see some of the American Right are just starting to use the same tools that their Left Wing counterparts have been using since the inception of social media. Using social media to attack specifically a celebrity with a political influence isn’t new at all. What we’re seeing right now is that the Right has caught up and are now using this political strategy in an effective manner. The Progressive Left hasn’t yet taken a bite out of the humble pie since Trump won the 2016 election and as such have not learned what drives people away from their social messaging.

The messaging that I refer too is stuff like Dave Bautista’s calling those who exposed James Gunn’s past offensive tweets “cybernazis”. I among the (hopefully) many people all over the political spectrum that have lost all sensitivity to the word “Nazi” being used in any political discussion outside of WWII history. It’s as dead to me in that context as Sumerian is as a language today. The fact that many people continue to use cartoonish and hyperbolic insults is kind of hilarious in itself. On the other hand, when they’re constantly spouted off by celebrities, en masse, and nearly inescapable from the news cycle, they’re effectiveness degrades at a much faster rate.

I find that we now stand in an interesting place politically. The social media attacks from celebrities that didn’t have many political musings until 2016 seems to be losing its effect on the average person. I’m not even talking about those of us who consume political media on a regular basis. We do have to remember that a large portion of the population could be bothered less about politics in general. This has led to the Right side of the aisle being able to do 2 things. First, its allowed the Right to use the same anger of the mob to remove political opponents the Left has weaponized many a time in recent years. Secondly, its allowed the Right Wing to become frankly more interesting to the average person. I personally feel that people have become agitated with the moral patrol of the Left and have come to discover that in fact, Nazis do not have a major presence in the Right. People are starting to see that the Boogeyman isn’t real. It’s like how the D.A.R.E. Program that some of us were exposed to as children became a mockery in today’s age. You can’t tell someone that weed leads to crack for so long that people see that to be unfounded and still expect their trust. In the same breath, you can’t call people racist, sexist, etc, etc, etc, and expect for them to be too upset when the Sword of Damocles falls on you. Especially when you hung up the sword in the first place.

You can read more by Malcolm on Think Liberty here.


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