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Gidimt’en Block Pipeline, Trudeau Breaks Rules, & Tax Hikes

"This week we’ll be diving into important federal tax changes, an indigenous tribe from First Nations expects RCMP push back, and Trudeau in hot water over a new video."

10 Things Libertarians Need To Change Part 1: Recognize Libertarianism Is A Broad Idea

libertarian, libertarians
"It is the differing definitions of freedom, and the degree of government needed to protect that freedom is what separates all libertarians. Many are extremely enthusiastic about their chosen sect and want others to believe them, but we cannot let passion quench the fire of one who may match goals but have a different view of society’s organization." Writes Luke Henderson in the first of a 10 part series on what libertarians need to change in 2019.

New Congress & A Green New Deal

"We are currently running a trillion dollar deficit, and almost no one in Washington seems to have a problem with perpetual war (and will fight to keep it), so before this “Green New Deal,” we’re looking at $7.6 trillion. I’ve never seen anyone get better at math by spending time in Congress, but God I hope it happens to Cortez."

I Don’t Like Rules! A Libertarian Perspective On Parenting

I don't like rules
"It’s not mayhem in our house. We have two main rules- don’t hurt each other and don’t take their stuff. If this happens (and it does…a lot) they work to solve the problem on their own. I don’t prescribe to the Appeal to Authority model of discipline. My goal for them is to be able to produce their own way to handle their issues. And it does work." Writes guest Author Victoria Smith on the topic of her parenting style.

Hong Kong Yellow Umbrella Movement & North Korea Denuclearization

Hong Kong Yellow Umbrella movement? Yes really.

Bad Arguments Vol. 28 – Stop Being A Superlibertarian

"There is an entire slew of arguments used by these superlibertarians that, while we may find them to be correct, constitute bad arguments in the political realm. Hopefully, through a few examples, I can effectively demonstrate what I mean and we can all course correct to make libertarian messaging more effective."

Top 20 Think Liberty Articles Of 2018

Think Liberty
As we bring the year to a close we wanted to put together a list of the articles that caught the attention of and meant the most to you, our valued readers.

Neo-Nazi Website “The Daily Stormer” Is Back

daily stormer
"I personally, despite being Jewish and from brown people, welcome their return to the Clearnet. Now if you excuse me, I feel a very long, hot shower is needed to clean the filth off of me about defending and applauding a Neo-Nazi website like the Daily Stormer"

Health Care Needs An Uber Revolution

"The current state of medicine in the US is depressing. Medical cartels rule and the people suffer as a result. Instead, I would like to transform the system so that all of the patients in the United States are treated like I was on that Time Square street. Where I was able to ride in a limo for the price of an UberX."

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Malaysia Goes Nationalistic, & Cotton On The Moon

"The news this week is quite spicy compared to other weeks as we’re looking at two things involving China and the passage of a nationalistic law in Malaysia." This week's is a good one!
lock your door

Bad Arguments Vol. 30 – “Don’t You Lock Your Door?”

"In my personal opinion, there have been valid and consideration-worthy arguments from both sides...Both sides have their talking points, each of which carries its own weight. The “lock your door” argument is not among them."

Ridesharing Restricted, Canadian To Be Killed, & Shelter Shutdown

Welcome back to the Canadian News Roundup where each week we look at major news from across the Great White North. This week: A...