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How Zoning Laws Squash Alternative Lifestyles

tiny house, zoning laws
You’ve probably heard of the “tiny house” movement.  For freedom-loving people, the movement is admirable:  People are choosing to forego the tradition of spending a huge fraction of their income to own and maintain a full-sized home, instead opting for a tiny house of about one to four hundred square feet, plenty for the basic essentials of living.  This...

Keynesian Economics Are Doomed To Fail

Keynes keynesian
Our country was initially founded on the principles of limited government, individual rights, and personal responsibility. These principles, obviously, were meant to give more economic freedom to the individual to undertake, create, stimulate and innovate. However, since the Great Depression, this vision of personal responsibility has drastically changed. It has primarily changed economically with the economic theory of British...

Robinson Crusoe Economics

Robinson Crusoe
When we first start reading into libertarian philosophy, we see examples of how things currently are, and the benefits, both practically and morally, that come from removing levels of state interference. We see arguments for the reinforcement of our rights, and clearer definitions of what rights we do and do not have. One of the most influential and reused...

Instagram & Mental Health: Exposing Pink Capitalism

I’d like to start this article off by saying this: as the vast majority of people that come here to get information, I fully respect the right for private companies to do pretty much whatever they want with their companies. That being said, many people say that as an attempt to deflect criticism that’s well earned. That red herring...

8Chan: What Modern Day Book Burning Looks Like

The recent shutdown of 8Chan by Cloudflare Inc. was completed by taking away the heart of 8Chan’s DNS and SS. Several of the last few mass shootings including New Zealand, El Paso, and Parkland were all praised by internet trolls on 8Chan. Libertarians have a strong sense of freedom of speech and are often of the opinion that even...

Praxeology: The Nature of Economics

The science of human action, better known as praxeology, is of a different character than the physical sciences. It is our best explanation of how creative objects such as people act in the world, and of what we can logically deduce from a few simple axioms. While physical theories, such as Einstein’s theory of relativity, can in principle be...

Why The Libertarian Party Doesn’t Matter

libertarian party
A question frequently asked in libertarian circles is "what is the best way to advance liberty?"  Some claim that the Libertarian Party is the best vehicle for spreading libertarian ideas. What should be considered, first and foremost, is to understand what liberty is, and why the Libertarian Party can't deliver it. Libertarianism is a way of life, a philosophy about...

Steel Economics: You Don’t Want Everything Made In The USA

I continue to see a lot of people all over the internet say that we need to "bring these jobs back from China, and build everything here in America", or closely similar to that. But none of us should really want that. I'll use steel as an example to show why. In China, a steelworker's wages are roughly $3.60 (US)...

A Letter to Hollywood from a Georgian

First off, congratulations on all your success Hollywood. Monetary, finally letting out some of the old skeletons, inclusion, all of it deserves a sincere congratulations. Secondly, I should state I’ve written this late at night/early in the morning, I don’t expect all of my sentences and grammar to be even 90% correct. (I just spent the last 5 hours...

Laws Are Supposed to Serve Us

"In principle, new laws are passed, upheld, and enforced to protect us and our inalienable rights. Violation of these laws have consequences and the fear of the consequences are meant to deter us from said violations."

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tulsi gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard is Not a Libertarian

"Finding an existing politician that slightly comes close to valuing liberty doesn’t cut it. None of them, even Gabbard, truly stand for liberty any more. That should be the most worrying part."

Is Institutional Racism Real?

“The prison industrial complex is racist because in incarcerates more blacks than it does whites.” This idea has constantly thrown me for a loop....

Many YouTuber’s Faking Their Streams

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