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The Problem With Saying “The Free Market Will Fix That”

Free Market
“The freer the market, the freer the people” still rings true, but it should be fought for on the merits of what it is rather than what amounts to little more than hypothetical cures.

Jussie Smollett Indicted & Democratic Candidates Grow

jussie smollett
"th progressive support so splintered, maybe there’s an inside track to the nomination for the former Colorado Governor. His name ID also isn’t terrible, with it being floated last year as the possible counterpart to a John Kasich independent run." Writes Andrew Bartholomew in this week's news roundup.

10 Things Libertarians Need to Change Part 10: Compassion vs. Logic

"This is the frontier libertarians need to conquer. Evidence and logic are great at justifying ideas and developing a platform, but it is the heartfelt rhetoric that infuses people with a desire to learn." writes Luke Henderson in his final segment of Things Libertarians Need to Change.

The State Of Political Polarization In America

political polarization
This article was initially posted on Doctor Peters website. We received permission from the author to re-post the content here. Please visit www.doctorpeters.org for more content like this. Probably like everyone else, I have a diverse group of acquaintances. Family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, patients, and a load of people I’ve met during my forays into politics. Not everyone agrees entirely...

Capitalism Defined

Capital is a word that has different meanings in different contexts. For the purposes of this article, I will define capital as anything of value that has the potential to be exploited for gain. Now I wish to address the word “capitalism.” At its simplest and purest, capitalism is the act of exploiting that potential. So what does that...

Deadline on Brexit Deal Approaching, French Cardinal Jailed, and Albanian Unrest

"The UK’s Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox, has assured that negotiations with the Union will carry on and a deal will be settled before the final meaningful vote on the withdrawal bill on the 12th, before the official leaving date of the 29th," writes James Smith

Bender Bending Rodriguez And Creating Opportunities

In today’s economy, it is easy for the youth of the United States to feel stuck in a rut when it comes to the job market. Most of them were told they had to go to college or else they wouldn’t have any job prospects, but the reality was quite different. So much focus was spent on the university...

Observations vs. Prescriptions

observations and prescriptions
"Just because the observations are correct does not mean that the prescriptions will automatically be correct as well. It’s the difference between the facts and the arguments," writes Killian Hobbs in this week's Bad Arguments

Cohen Testimony, Trump Meeting, Updates From Cuba, & AOC Under Investigation

americas, trump
"This week was all about Donald Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. If you could force those two to live together, you would get the greatest reality TV show ever made. While the president was the focus of testimony by Michael Cohen and while he was in peace talks with Kim Jong Un, Ocasio-Cortez was involved in a lot of left side infighting. This is the last week in review."

10 Things Libertarians Need To Change Part 9: Start Playing Outside The Duopoly

libertarian, libertarians, NAP, history, responsibility, collectivism, austrian
The state of the US Libertarian Party the last few election cycles has been a mixed bag. The Johnson/Weld presidential campaign garnered the most votes of any libertarian ticket (3.28%) but fell short of the 5% needed to secure federal funding from the Federal Elections Commission, and the pair did not gain a spot on the presidential debate stage....

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Government Paternalism

"The government has a vested interest in prolonging adolescence. This is because those with an adolescent mindset will need a care taker, and the government will be right there to provide it."

The Future of Universal Basic Income (UBI) Explored

"What I see happening is that unless newer fields emerge that are of interest to people (since this scenario has enough base costs covered to not really need to work), and assuming this somehow doesn’t turn into some form of Star Trek socialism, I believe that we’ll move from a service economy into more of an entertainment economy."

What #YangGang2020 Needs to Realize About Yang

"On the surface, there’s a good chunk of ideas that could sit quite well with libertarians and many of the goals and changes we’ve wanted to see for years. Unfortunately, there’s a lot on the other side of this equation that needs a look over."