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Copland, the Libertarian

"Later in Copland’s life, he shifted from communism to liberalism. For minimalizing oppression from the common man, he was getting warmer, but he could have shifted even further toward even less oppression."

What They Still Get Wrong About Communism

"Communism and socialism require a massive state with coercion to achieve it's ideal of the state "withering away", but it is inconvenient for modern leftists to acknowledge that their ideas initially need to be forced to be implemented… and even when that happens, they miserably fail."

Trudeau is Proof the Other Guy Shouldn’t Matter

"The constant decline we see with the quality of politicians is, ultimately, the fault of those that defend them."

Tulsi Gabbard on When Taxation is Theft

Tulsi Gabbard
In case you missed it, Tulsi Gabbard was asked whether she thought taxation was theft recently in campaign stop in Iowa. In this article, the man who got to ask her the question expands on why he asked her and what he thinks about the Tulsi Gabbard 2020 campaign.

The Case Against The State – Book Review

case against the state
I just finished a brilliant piece of writing by Tanner Cook called The Case Against the State. His new book refreshingly goes on the offensive against the ideas of statism, the state’s monopoly on violence, and the various political theories that support/explain the existence of a state at all. Rather than just being a collection of anti-state or pro-liberty...

Contrasting Serial Killers & Mass Shooters

mass shooters, serial killers
The media keeps pushing shootings and their agendas. This is all so familiar. The media did the same thing with serial killers decades ago. Is this the right move? Is the rise in mass shootings directly related to the rise of serial killings in the 70s, 80s, and 90s? The media helps give these people what they want. At...

Tulsi Gabbard is Not a Libertarian

tulsi gabbard
"Finding an existing politician that slightly comes close to valuing liberty doesn’t cut it. None of them, even Gabbard, truly stand for liberty any more. That should be the most worrying part."

Is Institutional Racism Real?

“The prison industrial complex is racist because in incarcerates more blacks than it does whites.” This idea has constantly thrown me for a loop. I have always thought this to merely be a political talking point. Statistics are much more convoluted than a simple one-liner. I took on looking at the crime numbers in 2007 and 2017 to see...

Many YouTuber’s Faking Their Streams

The worlds of digital entertainment and social media are an example of an ever-changing market that requires competition to survive in a variety of ways. One of those ways is the old fashioned “fake it till you make it”. On 21 Savage's most recent album, “I am Greater Than I Was,” J. Cole pointed out what a lot of us...

Marching In The Streets

They call us Cockroaches. I suppose cockroach is meant to offend, but I could give a shit. The term arose shortly after they murdered Jay Hamilton for daring to speak his own mind, a treasonable offense. We protested in the streets of the Equal States of America, “Crawling out from between the floorboards like so many cockroaches,” the Justices...

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