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China Abuses Human Rights Against Muslims

In the northwest part of China sits the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, an area that borders Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Happening inside the region, not known to people around the world until recently, is an assault on religious freedom and human rights. The Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region has a population of 19 million people, according to BBC. Eight million of those...

Primary Election Review: Governor, Senate, & House Seats

Florida Governor Many Republicans ran to succeed Governor Rick Scott, who is running against Bill Nelson for Senate, but the main two were Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and House Freedom Caucus member Ron DeSantis. Polling varied greatly, though DeSantis rarely trailed. Though the establishment Putnam was far better funded, a Trump endorsement helped DeSantis to a landslide victory in the...

The Death Of McCain: The Argument Against Celebrating

Just like with Trump, I find myself defending someone that I find completely reprehensible. John McCain is a war crazy hawk that should have never been given the opportunity to have ANY kind of say in American Politics. However, in the wake of his death, I find myself disgusted with the overall Libertarian response. One side we have Libertarians praising...

The Death of McCain: The Argument For Celebrating

Politics aside, there is no question that he will be remembered. He started his career serving his country, and he ended it that way too. Some may remember him as a war hero, and hopefully more as a war criminal, but truly all will remember him as a man dedicated to trying to make his country and the world...

Bad Arguments Vol. 10 – “We Live In A Society”

we live in a society
"In this case, they are saying "We all live in society. These people in society have this problem. Therefore society is responsible." While the attribute of living in society may be shared, there is an illicit error in assuming that this translates to who holds the responsibility."

Felon Gun Photos Used Against You: Be Aware

The prospect of liberty is the one that binds us all. A passion that crosses party and ideological boundaries. Some found their way towards liberty on the right side of the tracks. But many still found their path the hard way. We made mistakes, but we also saw the system of misgivings first hand. I like so many others,...

4 Times Mass Shootings Were Stopped: With Guns!?

Mass Shootings
Yesterday a mass shooting occurred during a Madden 19 Tournament in Jacksonville, Florida. As of writing this, the reports say that 11 people were shot, and 4 were killed. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is going to result in cries from the left for stronger gun control laws in the US.

Building A Better Libertarian Part 2: Stop Being Edgelords

The presidential election of 2016 had disastrous effects for both the Republican and Democrat parties. The aftermath left several people from both parties disenfranchised and looking for another option. What followed was an opportunity for liberty-minded people to reach out to those in exile and educate them about the liberty movement. Here we are in 2018, and liberty still...

The Right No Longer Laughing Part 2: The War Going On for Your Mind

James Gunn
In the weeks since I last spoke on this manner, we've seen a lot of development in how the duality of America's socialite class is handling offensive humor. We've also seen a display of those associated with American Right's pundit circles become less willing to let offensive humor slide from those on the Left. Rather than taking the hits,...

Orrin Hatch: The Devil Of IP Law – Bill S. 2823

Orrin Hatch's Bill S.2823 will screw you and most of the media you love. This combined with other Bills in play can only lead to disaster.

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Britain Can’t Dodge EU Copyright, Brexit Wrangling, And Soviet Foul Play

Can Britain keep the memes? Internet trolls in Britain will have to hold their breath longer as it appears the EU’s copyright directive, Articles 11...
doug ford

Ford Wins Case in Ontario Court of Appeals

Premier Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservative Party (PC) scored a big win Wednesday in the Ontario Court of Appeals. The highest court in the...

Capitalism: Why It Is The Better Choice

An argument can be made that the history of capitalism is coated in a layer of blood and shame. It's impossible to deny. It's...