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Why the Left Can’t Meme

"Memes are a new addition to comedy as a whole and are largely a rebuke of the rise of PC. They carry the same basics of age-old joke telling, wherein there’s a premise, set up, and punchline."

Congress Should Resign

"We don’t need a war to cause revolution, just for Congress to do the right, logical, simple, inexpensive, and patriotic thing in resigning for the good of the country."

Jay’s Execution

Jay's Execution
"And that was the moment something clicked in Jay’s mind. He could pinpoint the start of it all to that very moment, with the Senior Editor wiping perspiration from his wrinkled forehead before taking a shaky drink from his mug of coffee. From there, sitting in that stuffy office, Jay could map out everything, from one to the other, that now led down a musky hallway toward his death."

Allowing Tyranny While the State Exists

Bay Area Police prepare for Protestors, while the state exists
Every once in a while, it is important to go back and look over some of the stances and arguments you’ve used to see if they still hold up with the knowledge you’ve gained over time. It’s key to ensure that when you find an argument that doesn’t quite stand up anymore that you toss it away and adjust...

Common Sense Regulations

common sense
I realized a few things after reading the manifesto of the Texas shooting suspect, which was being shared all over social media just hours after the incident. This is not the world we lived in when the forefathers penned the constitution.

Sorry Ancaps, Communism Will Happen

"In our critique of communism we follow the same mistake that Ancoms make in assuming capitalism will simply disappear should “real” anarchism be achieved."

Want to Secure the Border? Legalize Marijuana

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard some type of amazing, almost too good to be a true story about marijuana transforming someone’s life. The legalization of marijuana by some states certainly has had an effect in the United States, especially when it comes to its medicinal use. Federal legalization of the drug could increase those positive effects as well. While...

Libertarians in Favor of Intellectual Property? Stop.

intellectual property
"As far as our battles for liberty are concerned, defending IP is a poor hill to die on."

Why Bitcoin Hodlers Shouldn’t Care About Facebook Coin

Peter Schiff took to twitter the other day to blast Bitcoin yet again. This is hardly new for the Gold Evangelist, as Schiff has essentially made his entire living promoting the return of the gold standard and investing in the precious metal. This time, however, Schiff pointed to the looming threat of Facebook’s GlobalCoin (also referred to as Libra...

Thank Whom For The Music? – ‘Yesterday’ (2019) – Film and Freedom

Yesterday, Intellectual Property, The Beatles
Yesterday has a premise of the kind that Hollywood financiers love - immediately engaging and suggests scenes and plot devices by its mere description: Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) is a struggling singer/songwriter from Suffolk, England, touring tired pubs and hotels, performing to a handful of beer drinkers each time. He’s faithfully supported by childhood friend and school teacher Ellie...

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tulsi gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard is Not a Libertarian

"Finding an existing politician that slightly comes close to valuing liberty doesn’t cut it. None of them, even Gabbard, truly stand for liberty any more. That should be the most worrying part."

Is Institutional Racism Real?

“The prison industrial complex is racist because in incarcerates more blacks than it does whites.” This idea has constantly thrown me for a loop....

Many YouTuber’s Faking Their Streams

The worlds of digital entertainment and social media are an example of an ever-changing market that requires competition to survive in a variety of...