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In Memory of Ralph Shnelvar

Ralph Shnelvar
On Wednesday, 13 February 2019, the Libertarian Party lost an active and loved member of its Boulder County, Colorado branch, the chairman, Ralph Shnelvar. He was a well-known leader in the Libertarian community and a beloved activist for liberty. He was known for keeping the libertarian community in Boulder active and strong by holding weekly gatherings and challenging the...

Libertarian Party Of Cuba In Danger Over Constitution Referendum

regime, cuba
A referendum was held on Sunday in Cuba proposing a new constitution. The referendum has seen widespread criticism from proponents of liberty in the region and even abroad. The new constitution would make many changes that some call progress, but the truth is far from this. Every time there is a possible protest, the Castro regime proposes a (what...

Brexit Delayed & Netanyahu Corruption Scandal In Israel

EU, Britain, France, Italy, Poland
"If parliament votes down No Deal, then it will vote on extending Article 50, the amendment which allows Britain to leave the EU. Then Brexit will be delayed until summer, in theory giving more time to reach a deal. Hardline remainers will no doubt push for a ‘People’s Vote’ second referendum that may cancel Brexit altogether."

Libertarianism as a Market for Governance

governance, market, libertarianism
This article was initially posted on The Principled Libertarian. We received permission from the author to re-post the content here. Please visit The Principled Libertarian for more content like this. One caricature of libertarianism is that its adherents advocate chaos and “anything goes”. Presumably, this is because libertarians consistently call for repealing laws and reducing the power of the state....

Bottom Unity & The Libertarian Movement

Bottom unity
Often we’ll hear about the concepts of “Right unity” or “left unity” as a way to express putting aside the differences between the libertarian and authoritarian sides of the social debates to focus on the commonalities between them. It's done to direct their attention against their economic opposition. Even in libertarian circles, we see the push for bottom unity...

Venezuela Worsens, & The Washington Post Gets Sued

americas, trump
Violence escalates in Venezuela, Nick Sandmann fires back, and Robert Kraft was arrested for soliciting prostitution in Florida. This is the last week in review. Robert Kraft and the Super Pull Robert Kraft, CEO of the Kraft Group and owner of the New England Patriots, was accused Saturday of solicitation of prostitution at a Jupiter, Florida, spa. He was formally charged...

10 Things Libertarians Need To Change Part 8: Reading Non Austrian Economists

libertarian, libertarians, NAP, history, responsibility, collectivism, austrian
The Austrian schools of economists, which include H. L. Mencken, Ludwig Von Mises, Freidrich A. Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, and Murray Rothbard, is a group that grandly shaped the economic grounding of American libertarianism. These names are so synonymous with the philosophy that most circles place them on a very high pedestal. It is this prestige of these economists that...

Taxation Is Still Theft, Regardless Of Wealth

taxation is theft
I have been a libertarian for a number of years and I've struggled with some of the morality, along with the world in which I live. Utopia, morals, values, philosophy, and the real world don't always jive. I live in a single-income family who are your average American family. We even have the 2.3 kids (2 little girls and...

Can Free Speech Really Be Free?

free speech
In the midst of a YouTube rabbit-hole whereby I inadvertently spent hours watching old clips of Megyn Kelly Today, I discovered something troubling worth exploring– as someone who is an ardent proponent and defender of the First Amendment, I really do not know what free speech means. I was never a particularly big fan of Megyn Kelly, though, within...

ISIS Bride Citizenship Revoked & Vatican Response To Abuse

EU, Britain, France, Italy, Poland
UK Remainer MPs from Labour and Conservative break away to form Independent Group Seven MPs from the Labour Party and three MPs from the Conservative Party have resigned to join what they call The Independent Group, a collection of Brexit rebels united by their discontent at the way the withdrawal is being handled. Labour leads the way on Monday, as Labour...

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Government Paternalism

"The government has a vested interest in prolonging adolescence. This is because those with an adolescent mindset will need a care taker, and the government will be right there to provide it."

The Future of Universal Basic Income (UBI) Explored

"What I see happening is that unless newer fields emerge that are of interest to people (since this scenario has enough base costs covered to not really need to work), and assuming this somehow doesn’t turn into some form of Star Trek socialism, I believe that we’ll move from a service economy into more of an entertainment economy."

What #YangGang2020 Needs to Realize About Yang

"On the surface, there’s a good chunk of ideas that could sit quite well with libertarians and many of the goals and changes we’ve wanted to see for years. Unfortunately, there’s a lot on the other side of this equation that needs a look over."