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Pedophiles: A Libertarian Perspective

The question about pedophiles
There has been a rising debate on the idea that pedophilia is a sexual orientation. Members of the left have begun advocating for the acceptance, and support, of the LGBT in the fight to mainstream pedophiles and the sexual orientation of pedophilia. This is probably one of the most controversial moves the left has made since the adaptation of...

Liberty in Media: A Great Tool Of Change

In this age of technology, where the individual can barely keep up with the growth and advancement of innovation, the Liberty movement is beginning to thrive in ways that its founders never thought possible. As F.A. Hayek so astutely pointed out, the development of technology is amoral. Whichever group, organization, or individual has control of it, that group, organization,...

Skin In The Game: Grandma Was Right All Along

skin in the game
Trendy academia seems to appeal to us that everything true in this world is exactly the opposite of what your grandmother might tell you. “Hey, you know, you might think that male and female have distinct biological characteristics, but actually …” “Hey, actually, you might think that you think the Holocaust was an atrocious act of malevolence, but actually...

Liberty Movement! Get Mad! Stand up! Fight Back!

libertarian movement
As I’ve said before simple chatter and our regular tactics are not enough. The liberty movement needs to step up our game. We change the way we approach the public debate about liberty. What we’ve been doing hasn’t been working, and truly is not enough. We need to get mad. We need to reassess and refocus our energies, and...

Deflation: The Cure to the Economic Crisis of Government

"Estimates say that as much as 98% of the value of the US Dollar has disappeared since the Federal Reserve claimed a monopoly power over currency in the United States. The only reason the Dollar has not collapsed already is due to legal tender laws, which requires businesses to deal in US Dollars within the US."

That Wasn’t Real *Insert Political Idea Here*

"This Bad Argument is the political equivalent of plugging your ears and screaming until opposition goes away. Standing for something that has been implemented, whether in the form you'd prefer or not, includes acknowledging the negatives that may come with it. Anything less would be utopianism."

Cohen Gets Spencer To Bare All, And Resign

cohen spencer
"What ensued was a series of moments that, the closest word to describe them is “embarrassing,” but even that word doesn’t quite describe what happened."

Populism: Don’t Be Fooled By The Majority

"Populism avoids the key issues that we should be examining when trying to select the people who will be creating laws. We shouldn't care if they're "one of us" or if they "speak for the people." We should care what their policies are, what they stand for, and what their vision is."

Facebook Stock Goes Poof?!? Report Leads To Massive Loss

Facebook stock recently suffered the biggest single day blow it has seen since the company went public. Wednesday the company was valued at approx $630 Billion. After the market closed Thursday this dropped to $510 billion. This decline was felt on high. Mark Zuckerberg, due to his personally owned stock (a little over 16%), suffered a loss of $15.4 Billion....

Europe Defenseless? Trump’s Move to Pull Troops

Europe Defenseless
"While it will unquestionably change the dynamic between American and European countries, it very well could be for the better. After all, what benefit does the American military, much less the American public, receive from keeping troops stationed across the European continent?"

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A Letter to Oakland from Libertarians

"The Libertarian Party supports first-step solutions to failed policies of the past. The more than 50-year "war on drugs" must now be ended and admitted to being an abject failure to personal liberty..."

Sometimes You’re Stalin: The Problem With “Fighting Nazis”

"Those that wish to simply start fighting Nazis, in general, miss the mark. A great example of this is Antifa."
tulsi gabbard

A Libertarian Case For Tulsi Gabbard?

"A Gabbard presidency, if she doesn't go the way of JFK, would inevitably end in less foreign intervention, but far greater domestic intervention. Many argue that this will happen anyways. Unfortunately, this is so. However, I believe it will come at a much quicker pace under Gabbard."