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Facebook Stock Goes Poof?!? Report Leads To Massive Loss

Facebook stock recently suffered the biggest single day blow it has seen since the company went public. Wednesday the company was valued at approx $630 Billion. After the market closed Thursday this dropped to $510 billion. This decline was felt on high. Mark Zuckerberg, due to his personally owned stock (a little over 16%), suffered a loss of $15.4 Billion....

Europe Defenseless? Trump’s Move to Pull Troops

Europe Defenseless
"While it will unquestionably change the dynamic between American and European countries, it very well could be for the better. After all, what benefit does the American military, much less the American public, receive from keeping troops stationed across the European continent?"

Fake News & Half Truths

fake news
"The news is the raw information about a situation or scenario crafted into a narrative by a human writer; enhanced by their writing skills but weakened by their biases, stances, and opinions. There is a key difference between the raw data and the stories told with it. So who is responsible for discerning between “real news” and “fake news”?"

An Evaluation of Social Contract Theory Part 3: Consent: Is It Implied?

This article was initially posted on The Principled Libertarian. We received permission from the author to re-post the content here. Please visit The Principled Libertarian for more content like this. This is the third article in a series critiquing Social Contract Theory. The prior article is located here: If You Don’t Like it, Leave! One of the ways states are said to gain the...

It’s Not Just “Basic Economics”

If you’ve ever engaged in a debate with those on the left I’m willing to bet that a lot of their positions and understandings have left you scratching your head. From “rent is theft” to the labor theory of value, a lot of the positions held by those to the left leaves us wondering if they’ve ever studied the...

Being Offended Is Immoral

being offended
In the land of 2018, people talk of “The right not to be offended,” as Cathy Newman did in her interview with Jordan Peterson. It was presented as if this right was universally accepted. The fact that this would be considered superior to the right to freedom of speech shows us how much our society has changed. Not being...

Marijuana Legalization & What Trump Needs To Do

Not too long ago it was announced that Trump would be likely to support legislation that would end the federal ban on marijuana. This sparked a discussion on whenever or not Trump would be the president to legalize recreational cannabis and unfortunately it isn’t clear whenever or not the Trump administration will do it. Ending the federal ban on...

LP Convention: What I learned About Libertarians

Libertarians have a reputation for nastiness online. In our own circles, we tend to be vicious and unforgiving, quick to attack anyone with whom we have even minor disagreements. I’ve watched productive debates escalate to near fistfights, and friends degrade to bitter enemies. So, it was with some apprehension that your humble writer approached the 2018 LP Convention; filled...

Red Hen is a Red Herring: Political Extremism’s Impact

the red hen
A small restaurant in Virginia grabbed the nation’s attention this week. The Red Hen, in Lexington, was visited by Sarah Huckabee Sanders on June 22. She was asked by the owner to leave. Stephanie Wilkinson, who owns the farm-to-table style restaurant, told the Washington Post that she asked Sanders to leave because Sanders worked in the service of an “inhumane...

Elon Musk: Clean Powered Hero?

In a move that surprised everyone, and in many ways no one, Elon Musk has recently vowed to provide clean drinking water to the city of Flint, Michigan. His rough plan involves utilizing local plumbers to help install water filters across the city and plans to talk with Mayor Karen Weaver while he’s still in China on business. The...

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Laws Are Supposed to Serve Us

"In principle, new laws are passed, upheld, and enforced to protect us and our inalienable rights. Violation of these laws have consequences and the fear of the consequences are meant to deter us from said violations."

Why the Left Can’t Meme

"Memes are a new addition to comedy as a whole and are largely a rebuke of the rise of PC. They carry the same basics of age-old joke telling, wherein there’s a premise, set up, and punchline."

Congress Should Resign

"We don’t need a war to cause revolution, just for Congress to do the right, logical, simple, inexpensive, and patriotic thing in resigning for the good of the country."