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Pornhub and Domino’s? When Porn, Pizza, and Asphalt Collide

When one thinks of porn and pizza delivery boys, what might come to mind is plowing and filling, but if you’re like me, infrastructure! So let’s talk about roads. We oftentimes don’t love them, but we do need them. For decades, the construction and maintenance of roads have been commonly understood to be the responsibility of the government. After...

Filing for Moral Bankruptcy

Terrified children in cages. Black-clad ICE agents coldly patrolling the perimeter of the yard like medieval footmen guarding a castle. Parents weeping in fear for the safety of their flesh and blood, a sweat-drenched lot that awaits word of their ultimate fate here in the Land of the Free. Legions of tempest-tossed tired and poor, huddled in fear regarding...

The Blasphemy of Jeff Sessions and how he got Romans 13 wrong

Jeff Sessions Romans 13
Recently U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday cited the Bible to defend the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents caught illegally crossing the border: “I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained them for the purpose...

TL at 1: A Look Back

Think Liberty
One year ago today, Joshua Smith, Caitlin Cloven, Vinny Marshall and Lonie Dupree took a shared love of memes and libertarian politics and officially formed Think Liberty. Arising from the ashes of multiple libertarian Facebook groups, the Think Liberty Family consisted of individuals from all points across the libertarian political spectrum who were passionate and dedicated to the advancement...

Free Speech vs. The Free Market

By now, everyone has heard about the firestorm surrounding ABC cancelling the show “Roseanne” due to an insanely stupid tweet by the show’s namesake, the ever-controversial Ms. Roseanne Barr. For anyone living under a rock/who may have missed it, Ms. Barr, in response to a previous tweet about former senior adviser to Barack Obama Valerie Jarrett, wrote that if the...

The Free Market: The Enemy of Racists

In a market setting, racists who arbitrarily discriminate are forced to pay for that decision. If an employer refuses to hire anyone of a particular race or sex, they are limiting their potential pool of labor. With self-imposed diminished options to choose from, the most productive employees may be excluded, and the firm overall will be less productive than...

Why Ron Paul Still Matters

Ron Paul
I have a confession to make: I haven’t always been a Libertarian. While I had always considered myself a “small-l” libertarian, the truth is there was one requirement to join the Libertarian Party that, for years, I just couldn’t quite fully embrace; the Non-Aggression Principle. Now don’t get me wrong, I have never been the type to start a fight,...

Who is Alfie Evans?

I’d like to introduce you to Alfie Evans. A child that had struggled with epileptic episodes, he was delayed in his developmental milestones early in his life. After having seen doctors, and having those doctors tell the Evans family that their baby was just slightly delayed, Alfie began showing irregular signs of sliding health. Over a short time, serious health...

San Francisco’s Gold Rush – A Shining Example of Private Justice

vigilance committee
It is generally regarded that justice and security must be produced by the government with funds collected via taxation. During the gold rush in the early years of San Francisco, the inverse was actually more accurate. Not only did the government fail to provide an adequate level of safety, but public officials were commonly involved in criminal activity themselves. During...

Did North Korea Agree To Denuclearization?

North Korea
South and North Korea have opened a line of diplomatic communications between the nations’ leaders, just one among many unexpected efforts by North Korean leadership to lessen tensions on the peninsula. The two Koreas have remained in a state of an uneasy cease-fire since the end of their civil war in 1953.   Not only did Moon Jae-in and Kim...

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Laws Are Supposed to Serve Us

"In principle, new laws are passed, upheld, and enforced to protect us and our inalienable rights. Violation of these laws have consequences and the fear of the consequences are meant to deter us from said violations."

Why the Left Can’t Meme

"Memes are a new addition to comedy as a whole and are largely a rebuke of the rise of PC. They carry the same basics of age-old joke telling, wherein there’s a premise, set up, and punchline."

Congress Should Resign

"We don’t need a war to cause revolution, just for Congress to do the right, logical, simple, inexpensive, and patriotic thing in resigning for the good of the country."