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A Libertarian Time for Choosing

Libertarian Party
If the Arvin Vohra saga has one silver lining, it’s that it’s reigniting a discussion about what exactly the purpose of the Libertarian Party is and should be. Since its inception, many libertarians have viewed the LP less as a vehicle to institute change via the ballot box than as a way to inject libertarian ideas into the national political...

Pre-Debate Interview – Is the Libertarian Party good for the Liberty Movement?

Here at Think Liberty, we have some interesting debates scheduled - the first of them is between Stephen Babka, and Andrew Bartholomew. They will be debating the topic: Is the Libertarian Party good for the Liberty Movement? In preparation for this debate, which will be published soon via our RSS feed (available on all podcast platforms,) we've posted a...

ICYMI: Cryptocurrency had a bitcoin civil war over the weekend.

Battle of the Bitcoin
If you'd like to learn more about Bitcoin, check out our podcast on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.  If you haven’t been following cryptocurrency closely, you may have missed it. For those of us that do, it was enough to get us sweating. In what seemed to be a coordinated effort, Bitcoin Cash attacked Bitcoin Core. The result of the attack led...

Dear Arvin: A Message from a Libertarian Veteran

Dear Arvin,   In the spirit of Veterans Day, this felt like a good time to have a legitimate and respectful discussion on the subject of Libertarian Veterans, from a Libertarian Veteran. I have attempted to do this previously many times through direct replies to your many Facebook posts calling soldiers and veterans “thieves” and “murderers”. However, as your responses seem...

The USA ‘Not-So-Much-Liberty’ Act Passes House Committee

USA Liberty Act
Note: We discussed this bill briefly in Episode 07 of our podcast, with Eric July.  On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee approved the USA Liberty Act to move to the House floor, which reaffirmed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Sec. 702, which allows for communication surveillance of non-U.S. residents. However, failing to pass was an Amendment to the Act that would protect...

How the Left Gave Us Trump, and What Libertarians Need to Learn From It

“Sorry, my liberal friends, but this one’s all on you.” The notion hit me like a ton of bricks this morning as I read a story saying that the majority of Democrats now have a favorable view of George W. Bush. How could that be possible? I mean, this is the same man who our friends on the left have...

My Objection to The Current State of Things: The Lack of Local Focus.

Many Libertarians perform a ritual every four years. We watch a small, barely covered local debate between a few personalities. Then some delegates, many of whom the rank and file Libertarians do not know, get together in a meeting. During this meeting, they come to a consensus on who should be the Presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party. Some...

Don’t Be a Dick: A New Approach to Libertarian Outreach

As much as libertarians like to squabble and disagree, there is one thing that probably 99% of us can agree on: we are all too often our own worst enemy. This was the thought going through my mind as I browsed the comments in my Facebook news feed regarding President Trump reportedly telling a widow of a soldier killed in...

The Crass and the Spurious: How an Undercover Liberal Spied on Libertarians, and Learned Absolutely Nothing

A WEEKEND LIKE ANY OTHER Being a left-libertarian in California is something of a struggle; the overwhelming ocean of blue voters regard me as a conservative, while the conservatives dismiss me as a filthy socialist. Mine is a life of constant argument, defending my principles equally from friends on both sides of the economic spectrum. So, imagine my surprise when notoriously...

The Las Vegas Shooting: The more information we get, the less sense this makes.

Since my last article on the matter, things have changed quite a bit. Initially, the LVMPD was reporting the shooter fired 200 rounds into the hallway and wounded security guard Campos with a shot to the leg 6 minutes prior to opening fire on the Harvest Festival below. Since then, the Mandalay Bay Casino released a report denying this timeline...

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