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Elon Musk: Clean Powered Hero?

In a move that surprised everyone, and in many ways no one, Elon Musk has recently vowed to provide clean drinking water to the city of Flint, Michigan. His rough plan involves utilizing local plumbers to help install water filters across the city and plans to talk with Mayor Karen Weaver while he’s still in China on business. The...

An Evaluation of Social Contract Theory Part 2: If You Don’t Like it, Leave!

This article was initially posted on The Principled Libertarian. We received permission from the author to re-post the content here. Please visit The Principled Libertarian for more content like this. This is the second article in a series critiquing Social Contract Theory. The first is located here: An Evaluation of Social Contract Theory. If you’ve ever questioned why the state has...

“But He’s Literally Hitler!” No, He’s Not.

On April 20th, 1889 a little boy was born. He would grow up to move from then Austria-Hungary to Germany, develop a passion for singing and the arts and even considered becoming a priest. Rejected from art school later in life and after suffering emotional pains from the loss of his brother Edmund and abuse from his father...

Russia-gate continues: When Helsinki Freezes Over

"Russia is, in many senses, the biggest enemy of the United States. Most conflicts in the Middle East are fueled by a US-Russia proxy war, for power and for oil. In fact, their relationship may be the biggest obstacle to world peace."

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT): Who Cares If You’re Right, When It’s All Wrong?

"Just because Warren Mosler says that the United States doesn’t have to worry about being insolvent, doesn’t mean I’m buying it. The United States has a *really* big military, and it’s for that reason fear and intimidation acts as a blanket of confidence, propping up the value of the United States dollar."

Meme Crimes: The Rise and Fall of Article 13

The form of comedy that showcases the modern mindset. A meme, much like other forms of comedy, comes in many variations. Memes can make a salient political point with a single picture and caption. They can also be used to reference a modern facet of life through a nostalgic lens in order to showcase that society makes very similar...

Social Media Tax in Uganda?

In a shocking display of an acute lack of self-awareness, and or being completely out of touch with the modern day, the government of Uganda has recently passed a “social media tax”. This tax involves users paying the equivalent of around five cents USD upfront per day, in order to access social media websites. This is in addition to...

Kavanaugh For Supreme Court: A Libertarian Review

The retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy gave Donald Trump an early opportunity at his second Supreme Court nomination, and on Monday the president nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh from the D.C. Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals. While most from a libertarian perspective agree that Trump absolutely nailed his first opportunity at a Supreme Court vacancy by nominating now-Justice...

Build-A-Bear Madness Over “Pay Your Age” Promo

For those of you unfamiliar with the Build-A-Bear Workshops (which would be surprising) they are a chain of retail stores that sell teddy bear and other stuffed animals. What makes the special is the ability to build the bear right in the store which makes for a great outing with the family. Unless of course, the outing involves massive...

Why the Left Shouldn’t Favor Court-Packing: The Future of SCOTUS

In the days leading up to President Donald J. Trump nominating a replacement for Anthony Kennedy on the SCOTUS, Vox reintroduced a concept from the days of FDR — court-packing. The idea was reintroduced by the Left after Kennedy announced his retirement. On July 9, Trump announced that he had chosen Brett Kavanaugh to replace Kennedy. Court-packing was a...

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Ruff and Phillips Speak to the Success of Libertarian Party Down Ballot Wins

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Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg and the Problem of Child Soldiers

"The first step in solving a problem is to acknowledge that there is one. The faster we acknowledge how unacceptable this is in politics, the sooner we can all hopefully move beyond them."

What Is ‘Left’ and What Is ‘Right’?

The German liberal-conservative magazine Junge Freiheit (Young Freedom) published a  survey in 2018 about how the Germans see themselves politically on the left-right scale....