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Why the Left Shouldn’t Favor Court-Packing: The Future of SCOTUS

In the days leading up to President Donald J. Trump nominating a replacement for Anthony Kennedy on the SCOTUS, Vox reintroduced a concept from the days of FDR — court-packing. The idea was reintroduced by the Left after Kennedy announced his retirement. On July 9, Trump announced that he had chosen Brett Kavanaugh to replace Kennedy. Court-packing was a...

Contradictions and Double Edged Swords

As important as it is to avoid logical fallacies and poor rhetoric, it is equally important to understand what it is that you believe and what is it that you are fighting for. To truly understand where you stand on a topic one must apply a degree of critical thinking to their stances and arguments before venturing into...

The Beauty of Novelty

Pet Rock
The year is 1975. Somewhere in Bonny Doon, a man sits in the bar with a few of his friends as they prattle on with complaints about their pets. This gives the man a seemingly innocuous idea that turns into a fortune. The man was Gary Dahl, an advertising executive and owner of Gary Dahl Creative Services. He invented...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the future of the Democratic Party, and Socialists are just ignoring people now.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
There’s an article released recently by The Washington Post. An opinion piece by Elizabeth Bruening, that opens with her describing a twitter post aimed at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from conservative television host John Cardillo. Cardillo’s tweet, to be fair, was pretty bad. He claimed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went to Brown University, an Ivy League school – she didn’t. And the low...

Soap-Boxing: Politics without Praxis

When you think of people who are interested in or claim to be active in politics who are we referring to? Is it that guy that makes sure to scream “TAXATION IS THEFT” on every pro-government spending post they see on Reddit? Is it the girl with the Instagram account to promote *Insert cause here* but in reality, it’s...

You’re an idiot for misusing Ad Hominem

Ad Hominem ranking
In all corners of the world of debate, there will always be those that thankfully have taken the time to understand the importance of well-formed arguments. Just the same there will also be those that learned the terminology without learning the proper usage. The best and most common example of this phenomenon would be those that cry out “Ad...

A Libertarian Society – The Anti-Monopoly

One of my great missions in life is to seek commonality between my friends on the left and right. While differences in economics are significant and worth debating, I don’t see any reason to withhold friendship from even the most radical of thinkers. In a libertarian society, I envision enough space for all manner of political and economic philosophies...

Make Your Ideological Bed & Lie In It – Jordan Peterson’s Tough Question

Jordan Peterson has recently come under fire for an interview he did with Jim Jefferies for how quickly his stance flipped at a very basic question. During the interview, Jefferies pressed Peterson on his stance that a business shouldn’t be forced to serve customers it chooses not to (the now famous “Bake the cake” situation). The interview, freely available...

England: A Lesson In The Fragility Of Liberty

Merry Old England, once the birthplace of some of the greatest political philosophers of the Enlightenment Period, now finds itself sliding uncontrollably down the path of authoritarianism, with no end in sight. More disturbingly, it seems to be unable to even realize the dangers that it so willingly throws itself into. Unfortunately, this pattern cannot even be narrowed down...

North Korea, Trump, and the Future of Diplomacy

Well, the mad man did it again. No, not Kim Jong Un, dictator of North Korea. Donald Trump, the President of the United States, has successfully brokered a diplomatic agreement with the North Koreans, to include a plan to full denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula. This, of course, has spurred a flurry of reactions from all corners of the...

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