Major Announcement: Think Liberty Launches Think Sports!

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Hello one and all! Starting today Think Liberty is officially launching Think Sports! This is a part of our Think Lifestyle collection of content we will and have been hosting on our website for the past little while.

The reason we wanted to expand our scope of content to cover things outside of direct politics and economics was that we understand our readers are not that one dimensional. While all of us have an interest and passion for liberty and discussing the ideologies at play, but we are all more than that. We have interests in pop culture, sports, health, books, movies, etc, on top of our political or philosophical leanings.

We also know how frustrating it can be to go to a website just looking for some opinions or news on a subject only to see the piece filtered through the political lens or assumptions made that we as libertarians disagree with, or plainly know to be false. In trying to come up with a solution to this, we thought “well, what if it was a libertarian website that offered this type of content for people?” With that, the Think Lifestyle category was born.

For some of the categories, we simply started releasing content such as articles on specific movies or books and even some fiction pieces people have been kind enough to send in for your viewing pleasure. For Think Sports, we needed to go a bit of a different route. We wanted to make sure to give this one a proper launch for several reasons. Chief among them being that sports, by and large, has little need for a political lens. Some of the book or movie reviews we’ve done are still well in the realm of libertarian assessment, but sports is something we’re hoping to keep a little more to the point, and also is something that is far removed from the standard type of content you’ve come to know and love.

Keep an eye out on the page for more news about new categories if and as we decide to expand, and we hope you enjoy Think Sports and all of our Think Lifestyle related content. You can read all the Think Lifestyle submissions by visiting the category here. You can also submit your content by visiting our contribution page here.


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